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"Remember Me" Video Preview

Check out a preview of what happens after Finn's death and who tries to kill Lexa?

The Dovekeepers Video Preview

First look at CBS' new mini-series.

Gotham: Amazing Arkham Asylum Guest Stars!

Check out our preview of the Gotham Midseason Premiere

TV Podcast is Back!

Carla Day discusses The 100 and Arrow with guests on TV Diehard.

'NCIS: Los Angeles' Commentary

Did the torture scenes go too far?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The 100: Who's Still Alive in "Blood Must Have Blood, Part One"?

The CW has released the official description for The 100 Season 2 Episode 15, "Blood Must Have Blood, Part One," airing on Wednesday, March 5.

Who's alive in the first hour of The 100 Season 2 Finale?

ONE STEP FORWARD, TWO STEPS BACK — Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Lexa (guest star Alycia Debnam Carey) prepare for battle, while Raven (Lindsey Morgan) and Wick (guest star Steve Talley) experience a major setback.  Meanwhile, Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) and Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) are each forced to make a difficult decision.  At Mount Weather, Jasper (Devon Bostick) and Maya (guest star Eve Harlow) witness a horrible act, Bellamy (Bob Morley) follows through on a promise and Cage (guest star Johnny Whitworth) goes public with powerful information.  Paige Turco, Isaiah Washington, Henry Ian Cusick and Chris Larkin also star.  

The episode was directed by Omar Madha and written by Aaron Ginsburg & Wade McIntyre.

Does this make you happy? Worried for someone not listed?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The 100 Video Preview and Speculation: Who Tries to Kill Lexa?

What happens in the aftermath of Finn's death? The 100 Season 2 Episode 9, "Remember Me," begins to answer that question. Can the Sky People and the Grounders make peace and form an alliance to fight against the Mountain Men?

Clarke's decision to kill Finn to protect him from suffering the pain of 18 deaths will have far-reaching ramifications for her and those around her.

Check out the extended video preview for "Remember Me."

Lexa was ready to kill Finn for the massacre, yet she warns Clarke that her decision to kill him out of mercy will stay with her forever, "The dead are gone. What you did tonight will haunt you until the end of your days."

Not only does Clarke have to live with what she did, she has put the pressure of a truce upon herself as well. She saved Finn from pain, but was that all she did? "If this truce doesn't hold, I killed Finn for nothing," fears Clarke.

A peace seems done at the feast as Lexa announces, "Tonight we celebrate our new found peace. Tomorrow we plan our war." That peace doesn't last long when it appears that someone attempted to poison Lexa.

Did Raven try to kill Lexa? I don't think so. Though, nice slap there between Raven and Clarke. It will not be easy for Raven to get over Clarke's betrayal. Raven's insult hit the heart, "You're the only murderer here." 

The question is: Who wants Lexa dead?

Did Indra provide the answer, "If she's dead so is the alliance." The Arkers want the alliance to protect themselves and to save their people in Mount Weather. They have no reason to kill Lexa and Raven seems honest in her declaration that it wasn't her.

The only one who would come out ahead if Lexa died is .... Indra.

Indra has been vocal in her disapproval of Lexa's decisions when it comes to the Sky People. If it's not her, then my guess would be Nyko. He would have access to poison as the Grounders' doctor. He lost his son in the massacre and has good reason to be upset and against the alliance.

Who do you think tried to kill Lexa? Will Clarke overcome what she did to Finn? Or will he haunt her forever? And will Raven forgive Clarke ... ever?

Watch The 100 Season 2 Episode 9, "Remember Me," on Wednesday, January 21 at 9 pm ET on the CW.

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Dovekeepers First Look: Women Warriors

CBS has a new two night mini-series airing this spring, The Dovekeepers, based on Alice Hoffman’s historical novel and executive produced by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett. 

The Dovekeepers takes place in ancient Israel and follows a group of strong women warriors who fight for survival at the siege of Masada. It was filmed in actual ruins in Malta with some overhead shots from Masada.

Check out the first video preview of The Dovekeepers.

The Dovekeepers will air on Tuesday, March 31 after NCIS and finish on Wednesday, April 1.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Gotham Midseason Premiere Preview: Awesome Guests at Arkham Asylum and More!

When Gotham returns in 2015, Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) is working at Arkham Asylum in "Rogues' Gallery" after being kicked out of Gotham City PD. The focus on the asylum presents an opportunity for the series to introduce some intriguing new characters. Gordon finds himself investigating the murder of a fellow guard.

Morena Baccarin (Firefly, Homeland) guest stars as Dr. Leslie Thompkins. She works in the women's wing at Arkham, but shows up to help out when Gordon's investigation takes an unexpected turn. Could she be a potential new love interest for Jim since Barbara has moved on with another? Hmm... They look good together!

Baccarin is joined by Allyce Beasley (Moonlighting) who perfectly portrays Nurse Dorothy Duncan. It's been a few years since I've seen Beasley on TV and it's been well worth the wait. She was well-cast in the role and a highlight of the hour. How awesome is that nurse's outfit?

There are several notable Arkham patients in "Rogues' Gallery," but the best known is played by genre favorite, Christopher Heyerdahl (Hell on Wheels, True Blood, Supernatural). He's seen below dressed for a play being put on by the Arkham residents. Nice mob wig!

While much of the hour is spent in Arkham Asylum and Jim's investigation into a mystery at the facility, "The Penguin" is in action and making a move, while Fish Mooney continues her quest for power.

One of the most interesting turns occurs as a result of Selina Kyle's decision to help a sick Ivy Pepper. 

Ivy does something that has the potential to be a major disruption. This pair of young girls and the evolving relationship between the two is almost as intriguing to watch unfold as that of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. The younger generation easily could steal the show away from the adult characters and the often boring turf war.

Gotham Season 1 Episode 11, "Rogues' Gallery," airs on Monday, January 5 at 8 pm ET on FOX. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

TV Diehard Podcast is Back!

After a long break, the TV Diehard Podcast is back! What show propelled the return of the show? For those who follow me, it's probably not much of a surprise, but for others it may be. The show is the CW's The 100.

Yes, it's a show on the CW, yet that shouldn't and doesn't define the series. If anything, it defies the stereotype of the CW which really doesn't apply much now with shows like Arrow, The Flash and Jane the Virgin joining The 100 on the channel.

I've been joined by others to discuss three of the last four episodes of The 100 Season 2. The discussion on the devastating midseason finale will be recorded over the show's hiatus. 
Love the show? Check out our conversation!

The 100 Season 2 Episode 5, "Human Trials"

+Danielle Turchiano  (Freelancer, MTV News and Studio System News) and +Jason Griffin ( & joins TV Diehard host, +Carla Day  (TV Fanatic & BuddyTV).

Check Out Television Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with TV Diehard on BlogTalkRadio

The 100 Season 2 Episode 6, "Fog of War"

Danielle Turchiano (Freelancer at Hollywood Reporter, MTV News, and Studio System News) and Erin Brown ( joins TV Diehard host, Carla Day (TV Fanatic & BuddyTV).

Check Out Television Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with TV Diehard on BlogTalkRadio

The 100 Season 2 Episode 7, "Long Into an Abyss"

Danielle Turchiano (Freelancer at Hollywood Reporter, MTV News, and Studio System News) and +Laurel Brown ( joins TV Diehard host, Carla Day (TV Fanatic & BuddyTV). 

We also discussed Arrow Season 2 Episode 9, "The Climb."

Check Out Television Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with TV Diehard on BlogTalkRadio

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Apolo Ohno Talks Minute to Win It: "It Gets Crazy"

The GSN premiere of Minute To Win It airs on Tuesday at 8 pm ET. Before the big premiere, a few journalists had the chance to play some of the games and chat with host Apolo Ohno at a special event last week in Santa Monica, California. 

On the game show, contestants face 10 increasingly difficult challenges using everyday household items. The competitors are given opportunities to leave with what they’ve earned so far- but it’ll take nerves of steel to complete all 10 tasks to win $1 million. Many of the games are deceptively simple when you watch the game creators play them, but I can say from experience that the ones that looks the easiest probably aren't. You might also find out that you have skills you never thought you had. It turns out that I rock at getting an Oreo from my forehead to my mouth without using my hands - who knew?

After playing a few of the games and laughing at ourselves, we sat down with Ohno to chat about the series. Ohno admitted that he has tried every single game that will be on the series, but that he has "not dominated all of them." One game, called Suck It Up (which requires contestants to suck an M&M into a straw and place it onto the tip of another straw) was one that he couldn't handle. "I couldn't do it and I tried it many, many times." Ohno said, which made me very proud of the fact that I actually was able to master that one.

Calling the show "strangely addictive," Ohno said that people are going to fall in love with it and with their contestants as well. "You fall in love with the contestants' stories," he said, adding that he was so excited that he lost his voice in the second week of filming because he wasn't used to yelling. 

Cheering contestants on is fun, "I like to see them win money," Ohno said. But it's not always fun when they lose. "That's the hardest. When you see someone you really, really want them to win." Ohno admitted that he isn't allowed to help contestants by giving them tips on how to win, but says that he does his best to encourage the contestants and try to get them to see what mistakes they made before trying a game again. 

But though Ohno loves to see people win money, he's also a realist. "Not everyone can win a quarter of a million dollars or else the show wouldn't last very long," he said. 

Ohno said that one thing they will do when things get really intense is call a contestant's family member or friend, perhaps even someone who tried to be on the show but didn't make it, to really crank up the emotions before setting them loose on a game where they could win or lose everything. "We do it all. We get dirty. It gets crazy," Ohno revealed. 

It's at those times that people who thought they had mastered a game may find it harder than ever. Contestants are shown the games at a special boot camp and allowed to practice them all at home before coming on the show. But once they hit that stage, "that's when mind games come into play" and suddenly they have an entire audience staring at them and a huge clock counting down that precious minute, which really puts the pressure on.

Do you think you've got what it takes to play Minute to Win It? Check out the premiere and try a few of the games at your next party. I guarantee you'll have a blast.

Written by Guest Contributor: Michelle Carlbert
Follow Michelle on Twitter at @Mokibobolink

Thursday, June 13, 2013

NCIS: Los Angeles: Did the Torture Scene in the Season 4 Finale Go Too Far?

Wow. That picture is quite disturbing and based on that it would appear that the torture scene was utterly brutal and over-the-top. But ... one picture of one second doesn't properly reflect the scene in its entirety.

The morning after the NCIS: Los Angeles season 4 finale, "Descent," I went to read the comments on my review and was taken aback by what I found: many people were highly disturbed with the torture of Sam and particularly Deeks. I saw the scene as part of the story and didn't even consider the possibility that it would be controversial. But I appeared to be in the minority.

Check out the article I wrote about the NCIS:LA torture scene, as well as, several other that were shown on television this season.  Also, stop by TV Fanatic and read my NCIS: Los Angeles report card for season 4.

NCIS: Los Angeles has been renewed for season 5 and will return to CBS on Tuesdays this Fall.