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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Supernatural Interview: Jensen Ackles Previews Dean and Jack’s Baby Joy Ride

No one drives Baby other than Dean, right? Well, Sam has driven Baby on occasion, Bobby has too, and of course, John Winchester has taken the wheel. But... Baby is literally Dean's baby and he treats the car as one. On Supernatural Season 14 Episode 7, "Unhuman Nature," Dean takes Jack out on a joy ride. The shocker: The inexperienced Jack gets to drive. He drives Baby!

Earlier this month, I spoke with Jensen Ackles on Supernatural's 300th Episode Party red carpet about Dean's relationship with Jack and their unexpected bonding. It took a while for Dean to get "onboard" with Jack, but they started to bond in the previous episode, "Optimism."

Check out the video interview clip: 

In this week's "Unhuman Nature," Ackles teases, "I think we see in that
episode can finally come around being like you know what I'm in a real ass. It's time I made a few wrongs into rights and so it's kind of it's kind of a nice olive branch. ... It's about the biggest one Dean has to give."

"Unhuman Nature" Trailer previewing the joy ride!

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on the CW


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