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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Alcatraz Ends and a Supernatural Fave Returns

On this week's TV Diehard podcast, I chatted with Will Harris from The AV Club and Sean McKenna from TV Fanatic about the stunning conclusion to Alcatraz and the return of Castiel on Supernatural.

We discussed the following:

  • The Alcatraz finale - Was it a satisfying season finale? Series finale? Were enough questions answered? If the show gets a season two, what should happen?
  • The return of Castiel on Supernatural and his decision to save Sam.
For more on the Alcatraz finale, read Will Harris's review at AV Club, Sean McKenna's review at TV Fanatic, and my review at CliqueClack.

Have thoughts on what we discussed? Continue the conversation in the comments here.

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