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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Deception Finale Interview: EP Chris Fedak on Final Piece of the Puzzle, Cameron and Kay, and More!

The day has come for the Deception series finale. Even though the series wasn't renewed for Season 2, the dedicated audience will be rewarded with answers to the most burning questions of the season surrounding the Mystery Woman, her plan and her connection to the Black family.

I spoke with the show's creator, Chris Fedak, to find out more about the finale. Read on for edited excerpts from our conversation. While the finale answers many of the show's mysteries, it does end with a bit of a cliffhanger, so come back after the episode airs for more from Fedak about what it all means!

What's coming up in the finale?

The way I look at it is the finale is like a combination of everything. We have a culmination in regards to the Mystery Woman, and what's she after, and all of that comes to a head in our two-part season finale. ... We had all of these mythology parts of the story this year regarding the pieces of the puzzle that the Mystery Woman's been after and so we focused on that in our first hour. And, then in the second hour, we very much get into the emotional connection between our characters, and how it all twists back around, and of course there's a very elaborate deception. 

We saw the finale definitely as a two-part thing. We were going to have one part delving into the mystery, kind of dusty box of our past, and Sebastian Black, and the Sebastian Black family, and magic. And a thriller that could happen right here and now in New York City. We wanted to do it all, so we decided to jam pack the finale with a lot of story that we really wanted the audience to see and to payoff all the things we've been setting over the season.

What about Sebastian Black?

A lot of the things we've stoked this season are answered and addressed in the finale. We're going to have flashbacks back to their father. We're going to explore a lot of things we set up in Episode 8 about Cameron's past, as well as, what we did when we went to Corvus Vale and realized that Sebastian Black had built Raven Hall. I think those are all things that will come out in the season finale and you'll get a much better perspective on that whole story. We do have an FBI case in both hours of the finale, but we also explore that mythology. You're going to meet their father and you are going to learn a lot more about them.

At the end of last week's episode, the Mystery Woman seems to have won and gets what she wants when she takes the Lynx diamond, what is the importance of the Lynx diamond and what she's collecting?

She has won. She's gotten all the pieces of the puzzle that she needs, but going into our finale she's not quite done with Cameron and Jonathan yet. She still needs Jonathan for the final piece of the puzzle, she still needs Cameron to help her to get the piece, and what we'll realize is that the final piece, the place where it's all going to, is much closer to home than anyone could realize. The target is Cameron. The target is Jonathan. She's gotten all the pieces of the puzzle, now she needs the person to turn the key.

The relationship between Cameron and Kay has developed as throughout the season. Where do they stand as we go into the finale?

This is a relationship which has evolved. It started off as partners and it's turned into something a little bit more. I think that they are finding that they have feelings for each other. Episode 111 gave us an opportunity to explore Kay's past and where's she's going in the future, and also the fact that Cameron has feelings for her. Even though, we're still in that zone where they haven't exactly said those words aloud, there is a relationship beginning to blossom. It's a kind of precious moment were it could go left or right. There could be something here. It could also fall apart. And that's where all the crazy excitement and perilousness is right in front of us in [the finale]. The other part of our finale, we not only wanted to answer the mythology questions, and Jonathan and why he was chosen, and what's going on with the Mystery Woman, but we also wanted to bring the Cameron and Kay relationship to a head and really make it emotional.

Up until this point, Jonathan has been trusting Cameron to get him out of prison, what's their relationship at this point?

I think Jonathan's been frustrated. You have a guy who's plan was to break out and he's relied on his brother, and helped his brother, and he's gone out into the world, and they've gotten close on this case, but he's definitely at a place where's he's frustrated and trapped in this prison and maybe his brother-- and maybe this isn't going to work out. There's the tension and the tension is also building is that realization that Cameron had a choice at one point to essentially work within this room and help Jonathan get out and he didn't do that. He could have betrayed Kay. You have this tension that we're going to explore as we head into our finale.

Deception airs Sunday night on ABC.


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