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Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Good Wife Review: Red Team/Blue Team

After some very miss episodes and storylines in The Good Wife season 4, "Red Team, Blue Team" brought real stakes, conflict and fire back to the show.
Rather than settling a case, the firm's client, Thief, decided they wanted a mock trial first. Often when a show does a mock trial, the internal antics get in the way and it ends up either ridiculous or boring. On "Red Team/Blue Team," this "fake" trial had higher intensity than a real trial has ever had on the show.
Will and Diane faced off against Alicia and Cary. It was about time for Cary to get some quality screen time this season. Alicia and Cary work incredibly well together, even better than the named partners. And, they had an added incentive to beat their bosses.


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