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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

NCIS: LA Review: "Lokhay"

Sam's former SEAL life has left his heart scarred, especially after Moe's death. In "Lokhay," Sam was called on to help an Afghani elder, Yusef, find his missing nephew, Amir. Yusef was responsible for saving Sam's life, so there was nothing that Director Granger or Hetty could have done to prevent the agent from investigating the disappearance.

Sam has a strong sense of honor and obligation, plus a big heart. Those traits help him as an agent, but in this situation they put him at odds with his job initially.

Eric ignored the orders to leave the investigation alone, reviewed the traffic camera footage, and traced the abduction to a highly sought after terrorist known as The Ambassador, Haakim Habib. This evidence opened the doors for Hetty and Granger to assign an official case to Sam and the NCIS team.


First off, I loved that they used Matthew Puckett's music - was so happy when I heard "Never Let You Go" playing while Kensi and Deeks questioned the store owner. Been a big fan of his ever since I heard the Boston Med theme song he wrote...

Anyway, beyond that one thing I really liked about this episode was how it showed how much Kensi and Deeks care about each other and how much they both go out of their way to not hurt each other's feelings - for instance, that is exactly the reason why they get into misunderstandings like the financial seminar. Glad to see a show like this not afraid to give these leads some depth and not just be all tough all the time (one of the many reasons I've also loved SVU for so long)

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