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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lost Girl Review: "Adventures in Fae-bysitting"

Throughout Lost Girl season 3, the weakest storytelling element has been in the Fae cases-of-the-week. That shifted in a positive way this week in "Adventures in Fae-bysitting."

Instead of feeling forced into the story as is usually done, this case was the primary plot and it worked. Bo and Kenzi have gone undercover before, but never with as much humor and heart as their trip to the suburbs. It gave them each the opportunity to see what their "normal" life could look like.

That is, with a witch-controlled killing Fae in the neighborhood.

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Check out a sneak peek from next week's episode, "Hail, Hale."

Did Bo really knock out Kenzi? Awkward discussion about whether Kenzi is Bo's pet or not....


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