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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Supernatural Interview: Jensen Ackles Previews Dean and Jack’s Baby Joy Ride

No one drives Baby other than Dean, right? Well, Sam has driven Baby on occasion, Bobby has too, and of course, John Winchester has taken the wheel. But... Baby is literally Dean's baby and he treats the car as one. On Supernatural Season 14 Episode 7, "Unhuman Nature," Dean takes Jack out on a joy ride. The shocker: The inexperienced Jack gets to drive. He drives Baby!

Earlier this month, I spoke with Jensen Ackles on Supernatural's 300th Episode Party red carpet about Dean's relationship with Jack and their unexpected bonding. It took a while for Dean to get "onboard" with Jack, but they started to bond in the previous episode, "Optimism."

Check out the video interview clip: 

In this week's "Unhuman Nature," Ackles teases, "I think we see in that
episode can finally come around being like you know what I'm in a real ass. It's time I made a few wrongs into rights and so it's kind of it's kind of a nice olive branch. ... It's about the biggest one Dean has to give."

"Unhuman Nature" Trailer previewing the joy ride!

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on the CW

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Arrow Interview: Stephen Amell on Post-Prison Oliver, What's Next for Olicity and More!

Oliver is out of prison. Finally. And it was worth the wait. Those fight scenes... WOW! "The Slabside Redemption" did not disappoint.

If I placed a bet on which Arrow episode Oliver would be freed, I don't think it would have been Episode 7. Oliver was locked up long enough for it to change him permanently. His imprisonment and ultimate freedom came at a high cost, and one that will have lingering effects on his philosophy going forward, relationship with Felicity, and even his appearance.

Earlier this month, I was in Vancouver with a group of reporters and we spoke with Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen/Green Arrow) about what's next for Oliver after all that he's been through. The changes will be apparent immediately, "The first time that you see Oliver, we came up with a really interesting way I think of showing what prison life did to him without really bashing people over the head with it," Amell teases.

Watch the Stephen Amell interview

While imprisoned, Oliver's head literally was messed with through shock therapy and psychological torture. This manipulation did alter his way of thinking, "It definitely teaches him something, and it’s addressed, I think, in the first episode after he leaves prison," Amell said, "and sort of what his new mantra is going to be, if and when, he puts the suit back on."

Amell didn't confirm he'd be donning the Green Arrow suit again soon, but he will have to deal with the New Green Arrow, "[He] runs into the New Green Arrow’s exploits pretty quickly. But coming out of prison, he gets asked that specific question very early on like, 'What are you going to do?' and he says, 'I’m going to try and do what you guys did, which is just find a different way to help the city,'" Amell revealed.

What will Oliver's new mantra be? How will he help the city? Amell teases, "We come up with that idea pretty quickly, but I think one of the fun things is it’s not Oliver who comes up with it."

This new Oliver Queen will have to find his new place in Star City, while also dealing with a new Felicity. While she wanted Diaz dead, Oliver left their tormentor alive in prison. Amell said that decision won't "influence" their relationship, but "it's going to have an incredibly impactful moment on another person that he’s very close with." Hmm... wonder who that will be?

The relationship between Oliver and Felicity won't be without challenges "I learn that a lot of the stuff that Diaz was saying about Felicity is true, and I thought the way that we worked it out – and we do work it out pretty quickly. We come to an understanding that nothing’s ever going to be perfect ... But nothing’s ever going to be perfect or normal about our relationship, and I think that the sooner that they move on with their lives."

Oliver returns to his friends, family and life in Arrow Season 7 Episode 8, "Unmasked," airing Monday, December 3, 2018 on The CW.