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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Riverdale Cast on Jelly Bean and Gladys Jones' Arrival

Jelly Bean is coming! Jelly Bean is coming! And, Jughead's mother, Gladys Jones too!

Gina Gershon (Gladys) and Trinity Likins (Jelly Bean) will make their first appearance on Riverdale Season 3 Episode 8, “Chapter Forty-Three: Outbreak." Jughead (Cole Sprouse) and Archie (KJ Apa) make their way to Toledo looking for a safe haven, but what they find may not be what they expect. 

The family reunion is very telling, Sprouse teases, "It's great. I think for me it, it's nice to have a little more background on Jughead's character and his family life and a lore that has sort of been hinted at since season one really, and kind of loose ends that—that without saying too much—do get addressed and do get talked about."

Archie's not unfamiliar with them either, "They have a relationship, but it was a long time ago, like when Archie was maybe seven or eight years old. And even then, they probably didn't have that much face time," Apa said. "I think Archie is almost as familiar with Jughead's mom as Jughead is, almost. There's some fun stuff coming out with that."

Expect the unexpected when it comes to Gladys, Skeet Ulrich (FP Jones) teases, "The reunion is certainly not how he would have wanted it or not what he would've wanted, but I, but I think she is just, just like he was in the first season, just such a wildcard. You just don't know what's coming."

Riverdale airs Wednesday on the CW.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Elseworlds Crossover: Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin on Their Superhero Suit Swap

Wait, what? Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) is the Flash and Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) is the Green Arrow? Unless you've been avoiding everything "Elseworlds" related, you know by now that the 2018 Arrowverse crossover involves a body-swapping situation of some sort. 

Last month, I spoke with Amell and Gustin about their roles in this year's sure-to-be epic crossover. Which suit do you think is more comfortable? I was surprised.

It's not a total personality swap though, "[Barry's Green Arrow] has my learned abilities, and I have his superpowers," Amell teased. "There are elements of each other’s personality that each of us have to embrace in order to be successful at the mission that’s in front of us."

Meanwhile, this new Oliver Queen may be more Barry than expected, "My Oliver Queen is still a little more animated than [Stephen Amell's] Oliver Queen. I'm also very aware that I'm Oliver Queen, I wasn't really playing Oliver Queen."

Check out the video interviews below for more on the crossover.

Stephen Amell Interview

Grant Gustin Interview

The Elseworlds crossover begins when The Flash airs on a special night, Sunday, December 9 on The CW.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The Flash Interview: Tom Cavanaugh on Directing the 100th Episode

It's less than a week until the 2018 Arrowverse crossover, "Elseworlds," airs and The Flash leads into that sure-to-be epic event with their own special episode. The Flash Season 5 Episode 8, "What's Past is Prologue," is the 100th episode of the series. 

With Team Flash struggling to stop Cicada, Team Flash does the thing they said they would never do again-- mess with the timeline. Barry and Nora head back into time in order to get materials they believe will help them stop Cicada, while not interfering with the timeline. Hmm... wonder how that will work?!?

On The Flash 100th episode red carpet, I spoke with Tom Cavanaugh about directing the monumental episode. Not only does Cavanaugh direct "What's Past is Prologue," but he also acts in the hour in multiple roles. 

When discussing the plans for the episode, the writers thought he would want to take a back seat in the episode to focus on directing, though Cavanaugh didn't want that at all. He told them, "I don't want you to write me light."

Check out more in this video clip

The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW.