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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Game of Thrones gets sadistic and Fringe jumps to the future

On this week's podcast, I was joined by Melissa Girimonte from The Televixen and Laurel Brown from Buddy TV.

We discussed the following episodes: 

  • Game of Thrones "Garden of Bones" -- Joffrey showed his sadistic side, Tyrion saved Sansa and made a power play, Arya and Gendry survive Harrenhal, Stannis and Renly meet, and Melisandre gave birth. 
  • Fringe "Letters of Transit" -- A look at the future in 2036 with the Observers in control. Walter and team were ambered.

These were both epic episodes. Have thoughts on what we discussed? Continue the conversation in the comments! You can listen via the player above, download the episode via iTunes, or subscribe via the RSS feed.


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