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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Arrow Video Preview: Action, Villains, and Allies

Arrow premiered last Wednesday to a record audience on the CW with over 4 million viewers and another 2 million catching Friday's repeat airing.

It's a hit! 

And, it's no wonder why. It has an amazing cast, action, and intrigue. What more could you want?

Warner Bros. Television has released the sizzle reel that was shown during the panel at New York Comic Con and it is HOT!

Check it out!

The video provides exciting clues about what is coming up in the first 7 episodes of the season.  

A big one: Laurel meets Arrow!

Check out the characters that show up:
  • The mysterious character played by John Barrowman. Who he is playing is one of the best kept secrets for this television season. No hints except he is a "Well Dressed Man." Perhaps the joke is on us and that's really his character! In the video, we see him meeting with Moira Queen. We know she is evil, so is WDM going to be a foe? We'll have to wait to see!
  • China White (Kelly Hu) appears on the next episode, October 17th! 
  • Deadshot (Michael Rowe) is coming. He's a deadly assassin from the DC Universe.
  • Deathstroke (Jeffery Robinson), a masked terminator, who has a past with Oliver. 
  • Helena "the Huntress" Bertinelli will show up in episode 7. Will sparks fly between Helena and Oliver? We have to wait a few weeks to find out!
  • Royal Flush Gang shows up in episode 6.
Arrow airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on the CW! Don't miss it!


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