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Friday, March 1, 2013

Nikita Review: "With Fire"

After over 20 years of spying, conspiring and sleeping with each other, Amanda turned on Ari over a single failed mission. 

Now, she only has one thing left to live for and that's to cause Nikita as much pain as possible. Amanda's days on earth are finally coming to an end. Nikita may have spared her former teacher's life before, but Amanda destroyed any hope for a long life after she decided to kill innocents.

"With Fire" presented Division with one of the greatest acts of terror the country could face with random acts of violence: a grenade in an elevator, a mass shooting at a farmer's stand, and the shooting of a family outside their home. With no pattern and no geographical restraints, the Crimson Resistance spread terror across the nation and all with weapons Amanda procured through Division contacts.

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