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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Deception Interview: Creator Chris Fedak Teases Stakes are Getting Higher

The partnership between the Deception team and the FBI becomes rocky after Cameron's decision to help the Mystery Woman. In Deception Episode 9, "Getting Away Clean," Cameron works to repair the relationship by helping the NYPD on a case. Meanwhile, Jonathan deals with his return to prison.

I spoke to Executive Producer and Creator Chris Fedak to find out how the events of the previous two episodes will affect the relationship between the brothers, between Cameron and Kay, and the partnership with the FBI, plus how it changes Cameron's view of the conspiracy and Jonathan's time in prison.

How does Cameron's near death experience change the relationship between the brothers?
In some ways, it doesn't really change anything in regards to Jonathan and Cameron. Jonathan was desperate to save his brother in that moment, even though, there were very few things he could actually do. In some ways, that bond is strong and he was able to help him. Also, I think they're used to danger. It's like they've been doing this for some time. For me, the thing that was fascinating, especially coming out of it, was how Kay reacts to Cameron almost dying in that vault. She's new to this thing and the idea of daring life the way that these guys do and kind of putting themselves out there and risking everything is new for her. It goes against what you'd classically see in an investigation. She's the one who definitely felt that moment, even after the fact. It was so close.

Will Kay be more hesitant to be close to him or will it draw them closer together?

I think at first it pushes them apart. In Episode 9, it pushes them apart in a way. She's realizing that she's putting her emotions out there and that things can go wrong. Even though these deceptions are smart and clever, their lives are on the line. In some ways, Kay finds herself retracting a little bit. She needs to protect herself. 

Does the fact that Cameron has met the Mystery Woman and knows more about her, does that propel him even further? How does it affect how he approaches the mystery?

It just makes him that much hungrier to solve the case. It's not a conspiracy theory anymore. Cameron believed his brother, but still it was a mysterious outsider who he in some ways no contact with. At the end of Episode 5, it was a huge thing when we actually saw the mural with the Mystery Woman's eyes, but now it's not personal. She's a character who he knows, and understands, and that he's spent time with, and it's deeply personal between the two of them. At the end of the vault scene when she betrays him, it's like Cameron is not a person who punches somebody in the face, but he does it in that moment. And that speaks to the fact that he now knows the villain. He's now met her and seen her and that's a big moment. It definitely speaks to the drive for Cameron.

Cameron is more committed to this than ever and now he's getting more push-back from the FBI and others. How does re-establish his relationship and truth with the FBI after helping the Mystery Woman?

It takes time. There's definitely a version of reality where the FBI could have said, "We're throwing the book at you and even if you don't go to jail, you're never working with us again." But, part of them understands why he did what he did. For Cameron, he's still committed and the closest he's ever gotten to the Mystery Woman is with Kay and the Deception group, so he needs them. He's the place with hat in hand. He wants to prove to FBI that it can still work and they can still trust him. That trust issue speaks to the heart of his relationship with the FBI and also with Kay. That gets round up with the emotions that she's dealing with and that she's trying to protect herself from. There's definitely-- he has work to do.

What case are they working on in this week's "Getting Away Clean"? And how does Cameron use that to get back into the FBI's good graces?

It's funny. This week's episode, Episode 9, we always knew that New York was going to be a part of show and a part of our story. After the international intrigue and the air being sucked out of the vault in Episodes 7 and 8, I wanted to go back and look at New York as a character in the show and essentially knock Cameron back to the beginning in a way, and let him have to prove how he can help on a case. To built out our story, we have Adam Ferrara coming in as a NYPD police officer. The idea of a magician working with and having to prove to a hardened city cop that he can help him out on a case was too delicious an idea to pass up. It's a fun episode. It also gives us a chance to explore our characters and learn more about them as well. We also have Gunter pursuing the mystery of Alistair Black. We haven't forgotten our mythology, so we have that as well in the episode.

With everything they know now, why does Jonathan have to go back to prison?

Jonathan was convicted of manslaughter and he was convicted of a real crime. They are going to need more than simply Cameron's assurance that this is real. Even if you take apart the pieces of the case of what happens in [Episode] 7 and 8, there's not enough there for a judge to say, "Oh, Jonathan, you get to walk away from this." Essentially, it's his brother's word and the FBI's going to need more proof in order to make the case that Jonathan should be released.

Will things be easier or more difficult for Jonathan when he returns behind bars?

It's so going to be so much easier. No, I'm kidding. It's going to get worse. Jonathan, in a way, has put himself in danger because he's helping the FBI on this case. Even though everyone knows his story, it's still what you do and if you are helping somebody. If anyone finds out, it's a big deal. Things are going to change and the stakes are constantly going to raise inside that prison. It's getting more and more stressful there. 

Deception airs Sunday nights on ABC.


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