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Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Walking Dead: Lauren Cohan Interview

The Walking Dead is finally back to complete its season 3 run. In the winter finale, a battle was waged by the prison group against Woodbury in order to rescue Maggie and Glenn. The couple escaped in the melee, but the ramifications of their time in Woodbury will stay with them.
Lauren Cohan spoke to BuddyTV about what's coming up for Maggie and Glenn, as well as, for the group on what she calls, "a family drama with a very interesting back drop."
Maggie went through a traumatic event with the Governor and Merle, does she let it stick with her?
Cohan: She is able to overcome it eventually. It's a little harder for her to let it go. She doesn't want revenge quite as much as Glenn does but she is still shaking off the repercussions of that. They regret too that she and Glenn got themselves into that by maybe not being as watchful as they could have and getting kidnapped by Merle. Yeah, it was pretty traumatic. Maggie is usually able to bounce back and she maybe she doesn't bounce back as quickly from this.

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