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Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Americans Review: "Trust Me"

It's not easy being a spy. Though, life isn't easy, is it?

Trust is a tricky thing. It can be earned through hard work and time spent together. Or, it can be bought with intimacy or a necklace. Either way, trust can be undermined with a few wrong words, a look, or a wrongful interrogation with torture.

After being married for years, Elizabeth and Philip finally fell in love with each other. In the season premiere, Elizabeth pulled a knife on Philip when he suggested intimacy. In contrast, on "Trust Me,"  when she was leaving for the day, she passionately kissed Philip goodbye in that same kitchen.

Philip's devotion in her time of need allowed Elizabeth to see him in a new way and fall in love. From there, her trust in him deepened both personally and professionally. That dedication followed through when they were being tortured.


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