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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Following Review: "Let Me Go"

The Following changed things up in "Let Me Go." The hour wasn't nearly as shocking as previous ones partially because the show has taught the viewers that anything is possible at any time, but also because the shocks shifted to thrilling suspense.

It's All About Ryan
Joe has spent 9 years working on his masterpiece and Ryan is his muse. With nothing else to do in prison but put together his plan, it's not surprising that he is able to stay ahead of the FBI. Joe's utter disregard for the lives of his followers and seemingly endless supply of people who will willingly or forcibly help him only makes it more difficult.

When the series first started, it was surprising to see how easily to was for Joe to escape from prison and then shocking that he purposefully allowed himself to be caught, but almost nothing he is able to do is unbelievable any more.

While that removed the shock factor from The Following, it's been replaced by an intriguing, complex  thriller that remains full of suspense. It was immediately clear that Joe requested a transfer as part of his plan, though the purpose remained a mystery.

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