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Monday, March 4, 2013

The Good Wife Review: "Going for the Gold"

The Good Wife was all over the place in "Going for the Gold" with bits of serious business, fun and creepiness.

The case against Eli may have been weak, but Josh pulled out every option he had in order to bring down the campaign manager. It was a trip down The Good Wife season 4 memory lane, going back to Jackie's unfortunate campaign speech at the retirement home, the straw poll, the firm's bankruptcy and the tenuous relationship between Peter, Eli and Frank. 

Josh should have cut out of the case after the wiretap was ruled inadmissible, but he couldn't bring himself to give up. I couldn't help but think it was waste of government resources to go after a case when the result was a landslide victory in the straw poll over a 25% legal fee discount. Even if Eli was guilty, there were no damages since Peter won the straw poll by over 95%.


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