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Friday, March 1, 2013

Vikings Interview with George Blagden

On Sunday, a new, epic drama, Vikings, will premiere on History. The show follows the adventures of Ragnar (Travis Fimmel), a warrior, who wants to set sail to the west in conflict with his chieftain, Earl Haraldson's (Gabriel Byrne) wishes. Though, the series is about much more. It's about Ragnar's family, the Viking society, religion, and the aftermath of Ragnar's first journey.

I recently spoke with George Blagden who plays the Christian monk, Athelstan. He discusses why he was drawn to the project, the brutality and humanity of the Vikings, and the role of women in this culture.

What was it about this show or role that inspired you to take on this project?
I wanted to be part of something that I thought, "Why has this not been done before?" The Vikings story must be such an exciting one to tell and why have people have not done this yet. 

And, when we actually got on the project and started filming, I had no idea the educational experience I was going to have in learning about these people. It's very epic. It's everything I dreamed the Vikings would be and more. I loved learning about them.


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