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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Introducing the TV Diehard podcast

I started my first podcast several years ago, but never got around to doing a television podcast. After almost a year of thinking about it, the TV Diehard podcast was officially launched yesterday.

It wasn't without a little technical difficulty in the beginning, but that gives it a unique charm, right? I have to thank the amazing The Walking Dead finale for giving me kick in the ass to get the show started. I just had to talk about it!

Joining me in the inaugural TV Diehard podcast were guests Melissa Girimonte from and Laurel Brown from Buddy TV.

We discussed the following:
  •  The Walking Dead finale
  • The Vampire Diaries -- the season through "1912" and what we think will happen next with Alaric. 
  • The Secret Circle -- briefly discussed disappointment in the series compared to The Vampire Diaries.
  • Fringe -- talked about the universes and if Peter is already home or has a home to go back to. 
Have thoughts on what we discussed? Continue the conversation in the comments here.
You can listen via the player below, download the episode via iTunes, or subscribe via the RSS feed.


The TV Diehard podcast is recorded live. If you would like to be notified of future live broadcasts, please provide your email address. During the live show, there will be a chat room to interact with other listeners, as well as, the host and guests. Also, on some shows, you can call into the show to join the conversation.

Thank you for listening!


yey!!!!i love the tv diehard!!!!!!FTW!!

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