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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Love on Fringe and well, not so much on Castle!

Last week in the first TV Diehard podcast, we chatted about Fringe and whether Peter was already home or not. We found out the answer this past Friday on "A Short Story About Love."

I had to have guests Melissa Girimonte from and Laurel Brown from Buddy TV back to talk about it.

It was a discussion about science fiction, love and mystery!

We discussed: 
  • The return of Fringe and the answer to whether Peter had already found his home and his Olivia.
  • The ABC promo department wanted us to believe that something epic was going to happen between Caste and Beckett on this past Monday's Castle. Did the reveal live up to the promo? We also discuss what is coming next.
  • Our love of Castle led us to talk about why we love some procedural-like shows over others. 
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Thank you for listening!


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