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Monday, December 10, 2012

TV Diehard Round Up: Vampire Diaries, Homeland, Sons of Anarchy and More

In addition to the TV Diehard podcast, here are some of the articles that I have written over the last few days.

Hope you will read and enjoy!

Reviews and Round Table Discussions

The Good Wife
 "Battle of the Proxies"TV Fanatic Round Table

The Good Wife Round Table: "Battle of the Proxies"

Nikita "Sideswipe" Review
Nikita Review: And the Mole is....

The Vampire Diaries "We'll Always Have Bourbon Street" Review
'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Love By Bond Or Choice?

The Big Bang Theory "Fish Guts Displacement" Review
The Big Bang Theory Review: Vaporub, Bath or Spanking?


Homeland "The Choice" Spoilers
'Homeland' Season 2 Finale Spoiler Photos: Will Quinn Kill Brody?


'Sons of Anarchy' Interview: Executive Producer Kurt Sutter on Jax's Success and Failure
 in Season 5

'Fringe' Interview: Jill Scott on Playing an Oracle and Her Love for the Show

'Suits' Interview: Sarah Rafferty on Donna, Harvey, and the Firm

Other Articles and Slideshows

Best 'The Vampire Diaries' Quotes from 'We'll Always Have Bourbon Street'

'Sons of Anarchy': 10 Most Brutal Deaths of Season 5

'Nashville' Music Video: Gunnar's 'When the Right One Comes Along' and Juliette's 'For Your Glory'

'Parenthood' Music Video: Glen Hansard's 'High Hope'

Check back later this week for wrap up podcast about the Sons of Anarchy and The Walking Dead finales!


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