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Monday, January 11, 2016

The 100's Henry Ian Cusick Teases 'Doomed' Romance for Kane

Kane has transitioned from one of the most hated characters on The 100 to one of the most beloved. 
As he has evolved as a character, his relationship and connection with Abby has shifted and become much deeper. In The 100 Season 3 extended trailer, Kane and Abby kiss! 

While it's unclear what draws them together, it's a moment viewers wouldn't have seen coming in the early episodes of the series, yet one that has become highly anticipated. Will it be smooth sailing for Kabby?

That's not likely. This is The 100! Nothing is easy, simple or as expected .... ever.

Henry Ian Cusick teased a romance for Kane this season while on The 100 set when they were filming Season 3 Episode 9. Cusick doesn't specify that the relationship is with Abby, so it could be with someone else.... 

Check out his witty response about Kane's romantic future.

What do you think? Disappointed? Intrigued? Happy?

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