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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Smash Review: "The Song"

Opportunities were almost lost on "The Song."

Veronica hired Derek to direct a one night extravaganza to showcase her as more than just a Broadway star and she almost missed it; while Jimmy and Kyle were presented with an extraordinary chance to work with Derek and nearly threw it away over a bruised ego.

Derek as the savior is disconcerting, but as Ivy said, "He's a genius." All three of them chose to work with him because he could help them in their careers, but he's a beast. He claws and claws until he gets through and gets his way without any consideration for others.

It's a gift and flaw all wrapped together in one. In an uncharacteristic move, Derek gave into Ronnie's fear to grow as an artist and satisfied her mother's demand that Ronnie not change. His motivations for acquiescing were complicated because ultimately he was screwed either way.


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