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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Smash: "The Parents" Review; Plus Ana's Performance of "Reach for Me"

This week's Smash was supposed to be about "The Parents," but Ana was the highlight of both The Hit List and the show. Wow. Karen better start worrying about her position and role in the musical.

The Hit List had its first public showing at a fundraiser for the the theater. Karen had a blah performance that was followed up by Ana singing a gorgeous song with full production. I call a foul on the writing here because Karen was set up to look boring compared to Ana's performance. If Karen and Jimmy would have sung any of the show's duets, there wouldn't have been such a differential between the performances.

There was no competition, though. Karen sang a decent song, in a modest outfit, with no stage production. Ana had an elaborate costume, dancers with eye-catching choreography, and she was floating across the air on fabric. When Richard ends up writing about the production - and you know he will - he will highlight Ana's performance and not even mention Karen. At least, he has an out for not reviewing the lead since he missed her act.

Read the full Smash review.

As I mentioned in my review, I am in love with Ana's performance of "Reach for Me." I have been watching and listening to her sing this song over and over again. The song is chilling and the staging is gorgeous.

Watch Ana's complete act below.


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