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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lost Girl Review: "Hail, Hale"

Wow. "Hail, Hale" was a jam-packed, fae-mazing hour. If anything, there was too much going on.

I wish these storylines would have been expanded and integrated over a couple more episodes. It was Hale's inauguration day as The Ash, but that was only one of many events happening, including: The Morrigan's power grab, Isaac's plan to use Lauren's research to satisfy his own Fae-power lust, and Tamsin's downward spiral due to her obligation to capture Bo.

After Lauren disobeyed Hale, she left not only the Light Fae, but Bo behind in order to work with Isaac. She quickly succeeded in completing the work she was doing. That was something to celebrate, but it was disheartening to hear her talk about how empty her life was before. If that's the case, why would she ever want to go back to the Fae and Bo?

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