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Friday, April 12, 2013

The Americans Review: "Only You"

In the aftermath of Amador's death, the FBI's investigation went into high gear with the KGB still considered the top suspect. After a short eulogy in the office, Agent Gaad sent his team out to find those responsible for killing his man. 

As much as The Americans is about the spy game during the Cold War, it's not about the nuts and bolts of that life, instead it's about the human cost. "Only You" showed the investigation into Amador's death and how the culprit was both staged and caught, but that was just the framework of the story.

Amador's death was brought about by his inability to keep his jealousy in check. It had nothing to do with him being an FBI agent or that Philip was a KGB officer. Though, their jobs did end up altering the scope of his death. If Philip wasn't KGB officer, then the attack would have ended in that parking lot. Amador would have either bled out or been taken to a hospital with his career in jeopardy. Instead, his senseless action let to an international crisis with more lives lost.

Here's the preview for the next episode "Covert War."


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