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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lost Girl Video Preview: A Fae-Human War Breaks Out in "Hail, Hale"

There are only two episodes left in Lost Girl season 3. The "Hail, Hale" video sneak peeks show a grim outlook. Beware: The videos contain major Lost Girl spoilers. I almost wish I didn't watch them ... almost. 

Check out the first preview from Syfy.

Bo is shot at and Dyson is kidnapped by humans. The Fae and Humans become enemies when the Morrigan says, "From this day forward, all Humans will be considered terrorists." Hale doesn't look very thrilled about her declaration. 

What does this mean for Bo's relationship with Kenzi? And, Lauren? Will she put them at risk to remain in a relationship with them? 

Dyson is in a cage and fighting. Are Humans using Faes to fight against each other for entertainment? A new form of cockfighting?

Tamsin gets shot! She can't die, right? I was just getting to like her. And, the clip ends with Trick  saying, "Kenzi, hide!" She's in danger now too. Would Hale let anything happen to his former buddy, Kenz? 

Here's the preview from Showcase.

Some very telling quotes from the video:

The Morrigan: "We've been trying to find a way to get the Light and the Dark to work together for a common good. While the need for such an alliance has finally come."

Trick: "There's been an attack by Humans. They've taken Dyson."

Isaac: "Just think what good we could do turn that negative into a positive."

Lauren: "You used my research to poison my friends."
Isaac: "It's not your research!"

Trick has been taken too. By whom? Kenzi seems to be okay at least for a while. Someone is looking for their daughter.

The speculation that Isaac was a bad guy has been confirmed. How will Lauren fix this? She has to protect Bo, right? Will she be able to save Dyson? He is not a happy caged wolf.

Here's the last sneak peek from Syfy.

Kenzi was hit on the head by Bo? An unknown guy questions Kenzi's ability to help her Fae friends and asks if she wants to be Fae. What is this guy offering her? He's creepy. Kenzi replies, "It takes a con to know a con." 

This scene doesn't fit in with the previous two. If Humans are the enemy, why would this mysterious guy be approaching Kenzi? Could it have been a dream sequence? 

Have the videos gotten you excited for "Hail, Hale"? It's quite a shift from the rest of the season. A Human-Fae war has come out of nowhere.


Lauren protect BO??? Lauren save Dyson??? You are just a joker, BO have to save Lauren in the finale!!BO is the main character NOT Lauren. Lauren also is unable to save Dyson , she can't even save herself from Isaac, she is also a prisoner herself!

You are just another biased obsessed Lauren fan LOL

It's just one or two episodes , the fae still dominate over the humans, Lost Girl is about the fae NOT humans!!


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